Top 5 Reasons Not to Move to Marin County California

Marin County, California, is undoubtedly a dream location to live and raise a family, with its breathtaking landscapes and a close-knit community. However, like any place, it comes with its challenges. In this blog post, we'll explore some important aspects of Marin County that may not be as appealing to everyone, helping you make a well-informed decision before making the move. Let's dive into it now.

  1. The Cost of Living: A Sky-High Affair

The cost of living in Marin County can be a significant concern for many potential residents. With the median home prices soaring well above the national average, buying a home in this desirable location may require a substantial investment. Single-family homes can be around 4.3 times the national average, with condos offering a more digestible option. However, even everyday expenses like groceries tend to be higher in Marin. Property taxes and insurance costs are also on the higher side, adding to the financial burden.

  1. Limited Housing Options: A Competitive Market

The low housing inventory in Marin County can make finding the perfect home a challenging task. The limited options result in a highly competitive market, where homes can be snapped up within days of listing. As a result, potential buyers must be well-prepared and have their finances in order to secure a home swiftly. Focusing on areas like Novato, San Rafael, and Fairfax can be more budget-friendly, but even then, the housing options may be limited.

  1. Commuting and Transportation Woes

Marin County's beautiful landscape comes at the cost of limited public transportation options. The daily commute to San Francisco can be challenging during peak hours, leading to congested roads and longer travel times. While the Larkspur Ferry offers a pleasant alternative, limited public transportation can be a significant drawback for some residents.

  1. Finding Your Community: A Personal Journey

Moving to a new place can mean finding a new community and peer group. Marin County's diverse towns and neighborhoods may require some time and exploration to discover the perfect fit. However, once you settle in, you'll likely find welcoming communities, excellent schools, and fantastic restaurants.

  1. Limited Amenities: A Trade-Off for Tranquility

While Marin County offers unparalleled natural beauty and open spaces, it may lack the bustling amenities of larger cities like San Francisco or Oakland. The dining options and culinary diversity can be comparatively limited. However, this drawback may encourage a healthier lifestyle, more home-cooked meals, and a greater appreciation for barbecuing and outdoor activities.


Marin County, California, is an enchanting location, but it's essential to consider both its appealing and less appealing aspects before making the move. The cost of living, limited housing options, and commuting challenges may pose hurdles, but the close-knit communities, excellent schools, and picturesque surroundings more than compensate. By weighing the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision and discover whether Marin County is the perfect fit for you and your family.

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